Tuesday, April 1, 2008

She Said: Everything so far...

Let me play catch up. Ok, I admit it. I am swamped with a husband, 3 children, Spring quarter teaching upon me (one of the classes a Gender and Film Honors Composition class, the other two are Sex and Culture composition courses), so all this excuse making is leading me to an apology for not keeping up with my hubby, who would stay up until 5 am every single night and ignore me naked waiting for sex (ok, so I exaggerate) to write film reviews.

Although I adore films and want to be the estrogen side of the conversation here on this blog, I find myself straying and visiting the sites of others and posting long sexually political diatribes. So, very soon, look for (or beware of) my very own gender and sexual politic blog.

But until then, may I please write a quick catch-up... even though it will oh, so pale in comparison to J's diligent effort to denote each feeling about each film we have seen. Sigh and yawn...

(An aside for any students who happen to read this blog): Study J for an example when writing your evaluations. Mine are sadly, just retorts).

Semi-Pro: Ok. J is right on the money about Semi-Pro.  What a fart-fest. Geesh.  I will, however, admit I laughed here and there, but really even though its hard for Ferrell to drop the ball (er, sorry, had to), he certainly did in this basketball dud of a movie.

Be Kind, Rewind: Um, skip it. If you are really bored and  you have a free coupon at your local blockbuster, then go ahead and get it. There are a few original moments and the community spirit at the end lightened the heavy load the film had begun to feel like. I think if you are limited on time, try to catch Son of Rambow when it hits theaters in a few months. It looks more genuine and sweet.

College Road Trip: This was all about our kids, my friends. And after all the critics were savage, I was so mad for us to have to spend $35 for our family to see it. But, hello, for a kid flick, it was not at all that bad. Sure, I had to roll my eyes in the cinematic darkness and wait for the same from J, but really, if you are looking at a film to take the pre-teen crowd to, it could be way, way worse. Um, Alvin and the Chipmunks for example.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Now, this movie was a treat. Impeccable acting and touching complexity. Sure, this movie will give some men fodder to discuss gold digging wenches, but for anyone with more discerning eyes, the film provides layers of female angst and pain. I cannot remember a film where a villainess was created and then with a single tear we understand (not condone) her actions. You mean women are not all conniving bitches with no motive besides evildoing? You don't say!

Bravo to Miss P and all the females (isn't Amy Adams one of the best comedic actresses working today? Answer: Yes) who round out this entertaining and touching film.

Now, there are two more films I need to do. But, ha, J has not done them yet either, so it buys me some time. And, they are way too important for me to play "catch up" with, so give me some time, and in the meantime, go to our older posts and read our Top 10 of 2007. 

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Utah Savage said...

Brilliant catch-up. Can't wait to see Miss Pettigrew. Did I spell that right?
You're one hell of a writer. You have mail.

Utah Savage said...

I'm holding the print in my not so steady hands, and the flash of the Imac camera does not allow for depth of color, but here is the way I saw myself when I was in my forties. No one else saw me this way. One person who saw the painting after I did it and put it on a wall said, "Whose the old gypsy hooker?"

K McKiernan said...

I think its stunningly beautiful. I never knew you were an artist in addition to all your other talents.

Thanks for the compliments. I don't really deserve them for this piece, but I will sooooo take 'em!