Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting Our Bearings...

Life always seems to get in the way. That's about as simple a description as I can muster. 

Life gets in the way of the constant posting flow I would like to establish. In simpler terms, I want to post more, but never seem to find the time. But I think I have found a solution.

For the time being, whenever we see a new film, we will start writing a few words just to get the word out. It is the idea of writing longer reviews of the many films we see that is holding up the posts, so to remedy that, we will try something new: shorter reviews.

If, for whatever reason, we do write longer reviews, so be it. But I feel it's important to get some thoughts out there, in however few words those thoughts are expressed. If we're not actively sharing our views, what's the point of this blogging venture?

So, in the days and weeks to come, look for more reviews. Some may be considerably shorter than the ones you are used to (and much shorter than the ones I am used to writing), but they will finally be here for you to consider and discuss.

Among them (in no particular order):
In Bruges
Funny Games
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Horton Hears a Who
Nim's Island
Smart People
Iron Man
Speed Racer
Baby Mama
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The Visitor

Stay Tuned. For the love of God, stay tuned....


DivaJood said...

I'll be curious to see your take on Leatherheads. I was disappointed. It never sparkeled the way screwball comedy should do.

Vigilante said...

Quite a range of genres, here. I see films only via Netflix these days, so I am not up on current cinema. But I have to wonder if "Iron Man" merits serious consideration. (I mean, if that's not too 'elitist' of me to say that.)

Vigilante said...

I rescind that last comment!