Friday, July 4, 2008

She Said: A Few in a Row

My husband does not know how to be brief, and frankly, its the only way I have time to review movies, so let me be to the point on the last few movies I have seen.

Wanted: Flashy and way too self absorbed to be worthwhile. You want flash and depth? See last year's Smoking Aces! Besides, Jolie's once ravishing body has been ravished, by anorexia it looks like. Stay tuned on iKonoclast for a post about body image and the Hollywood star.

Wall-E: Delightful and a "timeless" love story. My heart broke right there in red velvet seats as Wall-E held an umbrella out for a hybernating EVE.

Hancock: Way better than what nearly any critic is giving it credit for. Way more depth and nuance than most superhero movies, but still, at the end of the day, it is a superhero movie. With it getting such low approval rating, its easy to see how my husband could go so crazy for it and sing its praises a bit too hard. Excellent popcorn summer fun, but if you want more substance look upward to Wall-E or down my list to the next three.

Get Smart: I thought this movie would either be wildly entertaining or a big fat dud. Thankfully, it was the former--a 'dumb' hoot a minute. Steve Carell really is the funniest male actor working today.

The Incredible Hulk: Entertaining and more interesting than Ang Lee's version. Ang Lee is at his best with serious subjects as depicted in Brokeback Mountain, not as much in comic book terrain. This green monster? A fun popcorn flick.

Son of Rambow: Funny, original, and sweet. Child actors can grate or transcend. These british boys amaze and capture audiences with their earnest honest acting.

Then She Found Me: Truth telling in cinema: love is messy and often times ugly. What a gift to have a truly good female centered, female voiced film.

The Visitor: Brilliant, lovely, humane. This is what filmmaking is for... to provoke, to move, to enlighten, to teach.

The Happening: Utterly ridiculous. If he sold this movie as camp, it might have been ok, but the movie comes off as camp masquerading as a serious movie. I had come to the theater ready to ignore all the critics, but they were right. This movie might just end M. Night's career.

Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: This movie is one of those weird experiences that while in the theater, I had fun, but as I walked out, I could not remember why. It reminds me of gorging on some tasteless food and then discovering I am still hungry because I really had nothing "meaty." The best summer blockbusters strive to fill you up but do so with substance. This film failed to truly deliver, but who can live without saying they have at least seen the fourth installment of Jones? Not many.

I think this short list catches me up what we have seen since my Sex and the City review. Go buy some tickets!

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