Thursday, October 30, 2008

In 5 days, I can start talking about movies again!

Until then, I will be completely overwhelmed and imprisoned by the lead-up to the presidential election...I have been in such a state for the better part of three months. Soon, it will be over. And there will be relief.

I love movies. Last year in particular highlighted to me exactly why I love movies so much. A great year for film, 2007 was. This year has, for whatever reason--whether it was the WGA strike halting production on many good films (which is basically untrue...the strike affected TV moreso than movies) or, more likely, the election forcing studios to halt their major movies until after November 4--been sort of dead, quality-wise. There have been a few moments of greatness...WALL-E, obviously...The Visitor...In Bruges...The Dark Knight...Hancock...the visual power of Speed Racer.

This weekend is the first in a forthcoming string of exciting weekends. Wannabe Oscar players Changeling and Rachel Getting Married expand. Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make a Porno will not be in any awards race, but is an exciting film nonetheless...I always hope for surprises and poignancy in a Kevin Smith film...I always hope he brings his best self to the table for every film.

More major titles will bow after the election. It's almost time to get back to movies. I, for one, can't wait...and I hope there will be several movies to get excited about when the time comes.

So...5 days to go. I am asking readers to give me a buffer no matter what the final outcome next Tuesday. If Obama wins, give me a couple days to bask in the glory...and then I will gleefully jump back into the movies. If McCain wins, I might need longer...and it will surely be a slower, more melancholy transition back into film. I, of course, am hoping to refocus on movies as soon as possible...if you know what I mean.

In the meantime, here's a great film to watch...

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Vigilante said...

Last weekend, Trophy Wife and I watched Blue State, courtesy of NetFlix. I think I enjoyed more than she. Situated in 2004, its outlook plumped me right back in 1965 where I belong. (From which I never have grown out of.) To others, it may have the look of a shallow budget movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.