Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back in Time: Thelma & Louise

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MadMike said...

I'd sure love to see some reviews over at my place guys:-) Your choice:-) I hope all is well. I loved this movie btw.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

J. - Congrats on the gig. Glad to see you hit the "big time."

I'm still trying to determine (or discover) a good website to keep track of my reviews/ratings/bizarre opinions in a searchable database. I'm experimenting with facebook's partner (or subsidary) Flixter, but I'm not entirely pleased with this software and its interface with facebook.

I did watch The Day the Earth Sttod Still on DVD recently and boy, were you right in putting it on the "Worst Ten" list. It's hard to imagine how anyone might screw up a classic film more than this turkey did to the 1951 Robert Wise classic.

I also watched Twilight on DVD and didn't find any place you had offered a review. Did I miss your comments. Blogger isn't very "film review" friendly.

But I was terribly impressed with Twilight. The cinematography is hauntingly beautiful.

Keep up your good work everywhere you contribute.

J McKiernan said...

Thanks, guys, for the well-wishes. Things are going well over at "The Big Time"...and in case you didn't already know, it's now REALLY Big Time over at We've been purchased by AMC! Pretty cool stuff. I hope to continue to do a lot for them.

Nonetheless, I am still quite low on the totem pole at this point, so I will be reviewing an eclectic mix of bullshit straight-to-DVD releases, older movies, and (hopefully) a few new releases. The bulk of new releases will continue to be reviewed right here...but with the work I am doing for filmcritic, it's harder to keep up with the blog.

I am working on some reviews of movies like "Observe and Report," "Hannah Montana," and "Adventureland." And yes, Mike, I will be contributing to your site, too. ;)

MadMike said...

Wonderful J!

Vigilante said...

Thelma & Louise! Yes! Have to include it in my 100-Best Movies List!