Saturday, May 30, 2009

Now on Blu-Ray: Falling Down

It's...well...a Joel Schumacher movie. Check out my review at


Vigilante said...

This was excellent!

J McKiernan said...

Which, the movie or the review? ;)

I admire what the movie is kinda-sorta trying to do, but to see the movie today, with all our modern perspective, this is a very wrongheaded, amateurish effort. I was kinda shocked by how dated it seemed.

That is probably at the top of my list of lessons learned since joining most 80s and 90s movies are extremely dated, no matter how fond your memories of them are. It is really amazing...the many films I have now reviewed from those two decades (really, the 90s even moreso than the 80s) have come across like fingernails on the blackboard with how over-the-top ridiculous they seem today.

The older films somehow hold up...but these one or two decade old movies...ick!

Vigilante said...

The movie! A classic!