Friday, July 3, 2009

I Review Movies...

...I just haven't been reviewing the new stuff recently. I feel terrible...and I feel as though I am missing out on the discussion, even though I have seen all the movies.

Still thinking on how to start discussing current movies again...there are so many things out many things I have yet to say word one about. They've all been seen, they are all sitting there percolating (even Land of the Lost is still sitting in my brain, much as I've tried to forget everything about it), but not here on the site yet...not written about, talked about...not yet fully enjoyed.

Stay tuned...still trying to work it all out...soon there will be new stuff, hopefully in a continuing cascade...


the WIZARD, fkap said...

I just stopped by to say "HI."

I really do wish we had (or there was) a really good place to talk movies. Certainly the blogger/blogspot format doesn't work. And the other places I've spent a little time really don't work either.

I purchased both PUSH and Knowing on DVD this past Tuesday. I (thankfully) missed both when they were in the theater. Both come from "Summit" and it makes you wonder just who in hell "greenlights" these movies. Isn't there a single person involved with these two movies with the ability to read? Or think?

For what it's worth, PUSH was the significantly better of the two.

If you figure out where and how to resume your movie review/discussion site, please drop me a note.

I'll continue to stop by from time to time to say hello.

Vigilante said...

McK, (Hi Wizard!):

How about hosting a post in which your readers could list their top 100 movies. IMO the should have been out long enough to be on DVD's. After a period of a few months, I can assemble and IRV poll and we can see what hapens?

Vigilante said...


MadMike said...

I sure wish you would get back to reviewing:-) I hope all is well with you.

Wizard: Not surprisingly I rented both Push and Knowing, and loved them with Knowing being the best of the two. Of course you have to have a deep appreciation of science fiction to appreciate movies of this genre. I am actually considering getting back to the business of a weekly review. I used to enjoy that and the response was pretty good.