Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Webb-slinger

News that just dropped yesterday: Marc Webb, director of 2009's "indie" phenom (500) Days of Summer, was signed by Sony to direct the re-vamped, Raimi/Maguire-less Spider-Man. Rumors circulated about Webb's hiring ever since Raimi dropped out of the project, and this time they turned out to be entirely accurate.

The reaction? Overwhelmingly excited, if we are to believe Sony. But in truth, it's sort of a question mark. (500) Days was a very clever idea executed with an abundance of style, and that style is a result of Webb. His visual sensibility seems about the right fit for what this new Spidey is trying to be.

His aptitude with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of big studio visual effects, however, is a big unknown.

One thing is for sure: they wanted a guy with sense of fun, a cheeky sense of winking humor, and a decent style set. On the basis of his first film, it seems like they got what they wanted. A newer, younger Spider-Man, directed by a newer, younger filmmaker. The entire enterprise is a question mark, and Webb's hiring does nothing to dissuade my pending sense of doom about the project as a whole. But it's not a bad hire in the slightest.

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