Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Oscar News: No Best Song Performances

More Oscar show changes...

There will be no live on-stage performances of the Best Song nominees.

Instead, the songs will be played over clip montages of their corresponding movies. I don't have any confirmation on this, but my guess is that we won't hear the full version of the songs...more like extended clips...and they might be strung together in one slightly longer montage of all the nominated films.

What does this mean? Well, nothing much, really...just another re-vamp that is obviously intended to hold viewer attention, especially in a year where's there aren't any popular songs nominated. Sure, songs from animated features are nominated, but there are no over-the-moon spectacular numbers from animation. Yeah, there's a token "original number from a movie musical" nomination...but it's nothing to get excited about. Nothing to write home about. Nothing to watch.

And lest we forget, the winning song has likely already been engraved into the trophy: The Weary Kind from Crazy Heart will take the damn thing without any question or competition.

So...I get it. But it will be an odd omission. It is, however, right in line with the attempt to attract more viewers with more popularized movies and less overlong performances that drag down the show's running time.

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