Thursday, September 4, 2008


The Republican party is the party of fear and smears. The Republican party is the party of "we don't give a shit." The Republican party is the party of smug, nasty insults, shit-sling politics, and shit-eating grins. This has been the case for years now, but especially so in the last eight years, when Karl Rove high-jacked the party and turned nearly all its members into raving, ranting, out-of-touch lunatics.

During last night's convention speech, Sarah Palin confirmed that she fits the neo-conservative mold like a glove.

The current Governor of Alaska, she of the most conservative record in Alaskan history, she of the worst environmental record of any sitting Governor, went on for 45 long, often boring minutes that rose to occasional crescendos of fear, hate, and distortion. Went she wasn't putting me to sleep with her lame, rehashed rhetoric of John McCain's heroism and "reaching across the aisle" independence, she was offending me by resorting to the same nasty Republican boilerplate that Rovian politicians have been peddling for three successive elections now. She made no mention of any pertinent issues, didn't say word one about anything that matters to voters during this election cycle. She just attacked Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the Democrats with the same reckless vigor, the same nasty vitriol that any common right-wing news pundit would. She was an extremist attack dog--exactly what she needed to "electrify," to borrow a commonly-used word by the MSM, the Republican base, but exactly the kind of empty, biased, horseshit rhetoric that the intelligent masses--independent voters among them--should be rejecting on its face. Her message was repugnant, her mud-slinging revolting.

Most amazing of all was that her speech was divided into two seemingly warring halves--a fact that was shrewdly pointed out by a few post-debate analysts. The first half was intended to reach out to the common man--and especially the common woman--to let them know she was "one of them." She told her story and relayed it with all the "aww-shucks" realism of an everyday person. Fair enough--that's supposedly why McCain picked her. I get it. But about halfway through her speech made a stark diversion from the populist message of its beginning, and took a headfirst dive into Republican thuggery ("Rethuggery," if you will). Palin spewed the most smug and hateful distortions of Barack Obama's experience, record, and plans for our country since...well, Rudy Giuliani's babbling nonsense just minutes before Palin took the stage.

One thing Palin was careful to do was completely sideswipe any legitimate issue during her nasty performance. People care about the economy during this election...while Barack Obama has outlined his comprehensive plan for widespread economic relief, Palin only spoke seven words on the subject, words that did not detail John McCain's plans for our economy, but words that fit in with typical Republican smear tactics: "our opponent wants to take your money." I hate to resort to online-speak during what I intend to be a scholarly essay, but WTF?!?! Nothing but a complete distortion and false simplification intended to dupe the masses into hating Obama.

People also care about health care this year. Did Palin mention anything about the McCain plan? No.

People care about getting out of Iraq as soon as possible. Did Palin discuss a timetable? No--she proudly exploited the fact that her son is being deployed to Iraq next week (on September 11, of all dates).

People care about individual rights during this election. But Palin would never think about mentioning anything about that--if she did, she would expose herself for being a radical right-winger who wants to take away individual rights, most especially rights for her own gender.

The only resal issue Palin spent any significant time discussing--which obviously became one of the sub-themes of the entire convention--was "energy independence" by way of off-shore drilling. But she didn't discuss the dangers of such an action--she didn't even pull a Dubya and say "the jury's out." No, Palin--and by extension, the entire Republican convention--stated clearly that the solution is to drill and drill now. "Drill, baby, drill," the crowds roared, in their giant-sized bubble of isolationism and arrogance.

The Republicans have always been arrogant, always been rude, always been cheating, conniving pigs who consistently hit below the belt. But this convention moved them even further down the spiral. They've now become complete narcissists.

It's time to take them out.


Lee said...

Your posting is more of attack based on Democrat talking points then anything of substance.

Your last little bit really mirrors my own view of the DNC.

My version being:

The Democrats have always been arrogant, always been rude, always been cheating, conniving pigs who consistently hit below the belt.

In my view they've always been complete narcissists.

I have found that
Republicans view Democrats as foolish.
Democrats view Republicans are evil.

Still, get out there and exercise your freedom of speech. I support that fully.

J McKiernan said...

I am amazed that so many people can have such differing viewpoints--really, not just differing, but polar opposite viewpoints. It's astounding--but it is what makes us all so unique.

However, listening to your attempt to flip my words to match Democrats makes me think you failed to watch either convention. To sit there and watch the repugnant antics of every last speaker and not come away feeling that the feeling they were trying to spread was one of arrogance, exclusion, falsehoods, and outright've left me speechless. It says a lot about YOU, lee.

And you say my post is an "attack based on Democrat talking points"...well...

A)The Republican Convention was filled with nothing but right-wing talking points wrapped up in a nasty package--literally, I think you all send out a mass e-mail filled with words like "reformer" and "country first."

B)The alleged "talking points" I mentioned in my post should not be considered Democrat talking points--they should be ELECTION TALKING POINTS! These are the issues affecting voters during this election cycle. These are the issues people should be focusing on at every turn, in every discussion. The fact that the Republicans completely ignored every single important issue shows just how unfit they are to lead this country.

All arguments aside, this is such a pivotal time in our history, one where we can either see the things we care about slip away or gain strength once again. I will never allow the ass-backward words of a wrong-headed commenter get in the way of the work that needs to be done. I am fighting for this country by talking very clearly about how destructive Republican strategies, ideologies, and policies are and will continue to be. We cannot let this arrogant mud-slinging get in the way of the things that matter most.

Lee said...

Your right, I did not watch the conventions. Rather I read the transcripts of the big speakers from each night.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

J - My regret here is that you cannot see Lee's point and he cannot see yours. You are both right, and both wrong.

I fear I'm going to sound just like skip sievert here, but both conventions were the same. Both were filled to overflowing with soaring rhetoric, half filled truths and nasty bloviating. Yet all too many Dems simply have blinders on and cannot see their own excesses. And an equal number of Republican's miss (or purposefully overlook) the lies and nastiness at their convention.

That's why I just love K's latest essay over at the Ikonoclast. It's beautiful and inspirational. No nastiness, no meanness, just issues and positions and principles. K states succinctly all the great things about the Democrat Party and liberal principles.

By the way, I'm pleased to hear you are going to post over on Ikonoclast. Your excellent political writings deserve a forum.

And, on a selfish personal note, I would love to see CINEMA return to its original mission, if only for one post a month.

MadMike said...

Chris Mathews interviewed several of the Republican delegates at the convention. One of them expressed his displeasure at the modification of the big party due to the hurricane. He said he couldn't understand why they had to do it just because a few people were getting rained on. Now that's a typical Republican!!