Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bourne is Nowhere to Be Found...

...and he won't be found. At least, not in the next film that bears his name.

Tony Gilroy, brilliant writer of the first three Bourne pictures (and deserving Oscar nominee for writing and directing Michael Clayton) has completed work on a script for The Bourne Legacy, the fourth installment in the popular action franchise, set for a 2012 release. He will also direct, marking the first time in the series since the original (when Doug Liman shepherded the franchise into existence) that Paul Greengrass hasn't been behind the camera.

Also, no Matt Damon.

In fact, no Jason Bourne. Yeah, that ain't no typo -- Jason Bourne will not appear as a character in the film that bears his name.

Gilroy is a great in the making, so let's all just calm down and wait to see what he comes up with. But for now, there will be confusion.

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The militant working boy said...

Interesting move...

J McKiernan said...

Interesting, yes. Also potentially disastrous.

But I like being in the Gilroy world. For me, he is just as integral to the success of the Bourne series as Damon or Greengrass (or Doug Liman, who lest we forget, sort of conjured the original film adaptation into existence before turning everyone off and exiting).

So we'll see what happens. Audience reaction will be fascinating to behold. Lots of WTF moments coming down the pipe.