Thursday, February 7, 2008

Foul Language: Two Shits and a Flying F*ck

Ok, so a few comments on my foul language in the recent post. J and I do a top ten list each year to share over dinner or drinks.  We wrote these lists in the middle of January before nominations came out and frankly as I wrote it, my audience was J and J alone.

Of course I realize, I can cuss like a drunken sailor if  I choose to, but if there is anyone out there who was put off by it, come back to the site again.  When I write, my voice spills out onto the page, but generally when I converse with the general public, my mouth is fairly clean. This 2007 Best List was written to my husband, a defensive retort to what I knew was coming in our private conversations and disagreements over the list. I kept it real for my audience--him. When we started the blog and uploaded our lists, I worried I should revise it but ultimately felt I should be true to what I wrote and just share it. Since I am not writing not just to him, but to a larger "you," I am sure my language will shift a bit... but I promise to keep it real. If I get mad (which happens when J and I  discuss movies sometimes), all bets are off and just read me anyway. 

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Utah Savage said...

It's Utah Savage again. I'm happy to read that I am not the only woman with a tendency to fling four letter words around. You go girl!