Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The WGA Strike

Don't consider me the ultimate source for Entertainment News (though I do keep up with the stuff pretty well...far better than a responsible human being should, really). However, from what I read on far more ultimate entertainment news sources, the Writer's Guild of America strike will soon be over. In fact, it may be over as I write. It's just that no one is announcing it.

Why? Because with all the hullabaloo the WGA and the AMPTP (Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers, AKA Enemy to the WGA) have created over this strike and its bloodletting, they want the truce to be the biggest news story of the day. And all the other news stories are getting in the way.

Don't expect the announcement today...after all, it's Super Tuesday.

But keep your eyes and ears at attention...the end is near.

It will certainly come before Oscar Night on Feb. 25....because as much as smug people like to say they welcome a year with no big award shows, everyone in Hollywood--and everyone outside of Hollywood--would be mighty disappointed without a big Oscar show to dish about.

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