Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Winners



Utah Savage said...

It's Peggy, and I sorry to have to say this, but I disagree with you about the poor, the disadvantaged, the working class. I am disabled and live on about a grand a month. I am behind on property tax--have to pay it in small chunks. I am female, I am over sixty, I am white, I am a feminist. I am Hillary's demographic exactly. When all is said and done, I am a Democrat and I have voted in every presidential election. So whoever gets the nomination, I will vote for her or him.

But here are a few of the things she's done that make her seem like the wrong woman at the right time:
1. Yes, the experience she had in the white house that really mattered was her attempt to give us national health care and she botched that, badly out of hubris and stubbornness and naivete

2. All the traveling she did as first lady might just as well make Laura Bush qualified. Travel on Air Force One is not relevant experience.

3. As Senator she did not read the classified intelligence reports on Iraq and cast her vote to give GWBush carte blanch to march us into Bagdad.

4. instead of admitting that the vote was wrong she has tortured us all with equivocation, rationalization, justification and all of that is wrong. A simple, "I made a mistake. I'm sorry." is all it would have taken to make that issue go away. Now, it's too damn late. The stubbornness thing again.

5.That ad with the ringing phone is Fear Mongering any way you slice it. She is trying to portray him as weak. That ad makes her seem willing to throw him under the bus and break the party. It is going negative in a way that sickens me. I don't like anyone who plays the fear card--it's how we got herer in the first place. It's what got us to quietly give up our civil rights and let the government listen in on all our calls, read all our email. That kind of crap has got to stop. It's just plain ugly. It's Rovian.

6.I love Bill as much as the next woman, but I wouldn't want my daughter (if I had a daughter) to work as an intern in a Clinton White House. There will be more of that kind of crap.

&. Hillary has not been a good campaigner, has not run a smart campaign. Barack would not have won eleven straight if her campaign was in good working order. It is top-heavy and disorganized with in-fighting over turf wars.

Ok, the lines are drawn. I like Hillary the interesting, flawed woman. If she were a friend of mine, I would have consoled her about Paula Jones and the early others, but as a woman with a daughter, Monica should have been the last straw. I've written a piece that I can never post on my blog. It's call Strange Nookie and the Little Brain. If you're ever interested, I'll send it to you. Bill is my best example of the little brain doing the big brain's thinking. Still, I love the guy. Just don't want him in the White House again.

With great respect and admiration,
Peggy Pendleton, aka Utah Savage

K McKiernan said...

Hi, Peggy,

Thank you for your note.

LIfe is tricky and its complicated. The feminist in me would want her to have thrown Bill to the wolves and the feminist in me also wants to throttle him still to this day. I mean really, how good can a blow job be?

But... ah, of course, there is always a but. You know what, ultimately it was just none of my god damned business. Ultimately, he did a lot of wonderful things for our country and even if he was President, he still is a man. He is a wounded soul with a past that reaches in and still chokes him.

If it is one thing I have learned... nothing is black and white. I would love to be able to equate his actions with being a bad man... but life is not that simple. Not that long ago, many MANY people deemed me horrific, bad mother, bad daughter, bad sister, bad wife... on and on and on because I fell in love with another man and broke up a picture perfect family. Granted, I did not do it over random sex, but still... the emotional issues which extend into women vs men have ties in the very gender constructions we try to fight.

We cannot know what all went into her decision. You argue staying with him was bad modeling for Chelsea, I say it might have taught her daughter a lot about love, commitment, tenacity. Hell, its easier to cut and run is it not? But to stay and try to work out issues? There are so many ways to interpret it, and frankly, neither you nor I... or anyone else... know what went into that decision nor how devastatingly hard it must have been.

Over the last 4 years, I have been faced with situations, issues, problems that before facing, I would have NEVER believed I would decide as I did.

Anyhow... What else...

*I think she shows her daughter remarkable things by running for president.

*She did not just use Air Force One to toodle around the world. Your anger with her is tainting truth. Does she seem like the sort of person/politician who did not make the most of all travels (with her eye on later prizes)?

*Botched Healthcare--She learned a great deal here. She is ready now. Are we not allowed to learn from mistakes?

*War in Iraq. I do not see Peggy how you can demand an apology but once she gives it say its too late. Do I wish she had been like Kucinich and said, NO WAY. Yes. I do. But the fear mongers did such a good job of constructing the scene that to disagree would have meant her throat. Also, she based decisions on intelligence and the word of a President (you SHOULD be able to trust that). I am thankful she has learned from that mistake. And, Obama was not there in the Senate faced with the issue in the heat of all the chaos and propaganda.
Kucinich is who should be admired. He was in the hot spot and stood firm.

*I understand that you technically are her demographic, but what I was getting at is that this year... the #1 issue is economics and how the middle and lower middle class cannot float or get ahead. They work 2 and 3 jobs. They have no healthcare. They are losing their homes. They cannot take care of their aging parents. They are never home with their children. I could go on and on. They need someone to speak to and for them. She is doing that.

I would like you to send me the post you were talking about when you have the time.

Good talking to you,

Utah Savage said...

K, I posted a drastically edited version of Strange Nookie and the Little Brain yesterday. Eliot Spitzer gave me that opportunity. Thanks Client 9. But, yes, I'll send you the longer piece. Where would you like it? Here? On your blog? Might not be the best thing for the kiddies to read. Your call.

btdill said...

So I definitely agree that Juno should've won Best Picture, mostly because that would have been quite the upset. It's definitely one of the best films I've ever seen, but then again so is There Will Be Blood. Either way, I'm not too thrilled with with No Country For Old Men getting the nod here. Yeah, it was a pretty good movie, but I didn' think it lived up to the hype at all, nor is it the Cohen Bros' best film.. not at all. I love the Cohen Bros, but I'd take O Brother Where Art Thou over No Country For Old Men any day.

K McKiernan said...


Nice that we on something :) Yes, Juno was remarkable. Did you read my personal top 10 list? It was number one, beating No Country for Old Men. I may have loved No Country and placed it at #2, but if it had been made the year before, it would have been behind my top movies that year:The Departed, Little Children, Children of Men, and Volver. It is probably my favorite Cohen Bros. movie (couldnt get into your favorite) and its probably in a close contest with Fargo for me. Stellar movie.

Anyway... read what I wrote about Juno. I loved it on so many levels. Most refreshing to see such a team of actors love their craft and to hear a female voice, so strong and true. Such a departure from what we usually get of women, let alone teen girls.

Thanks for writing...