Friday, March 7, 2008

Reviews are Coming...

We at Cinema Squared realize what many of our readers must be thinking: for a film discussion site, where are all the movie reviews? (We also understand that saying 'many of our readers' is just an expression that in this case stands for, 'all three of our readers.')

Rest easy...don't give up on are coming!

We have seen several of the January/February releases, and will begin reporting on them soon.

So sorry for the long delay...but when you don't get paid for this stuff, life sort of gets in the way.

~J & K


Utah Savage said...

K and J, good to hear from you again. K you said you'd like a discussion about pornography. I'd love to have that talk. I went to film school with the idea that I was going to make films that were erotic to women and so, would also be erotic to men. I ran out of money. It's an expensive medium. I've taken up the pen instead.

One of the first pieces I ever rote was autobiographil and so, obviously non-fiction. I entered it in a writing contest for women sponsored by the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. I won first prize, but the magazine that was supposed to publish all the winning pieces said my piece was pornographic. They were afraid of losing advertisers. It was a small snippet of my childhood that I was writing about. Now it's an 800 page book, still unpublished. Wanna make a movie?

K McKiernan said...

Seriously... can we read it? I see us all coming together one day... I feel it.

I have much inner conflict over Porn. Erotica... no problem. My issue... to boil it all down when I could write hundreds of pages is when Porn becomes a tool (knowingly or unwittingly) to perpetuate nonsense and harmful views of women. However, who decides what "nonsense" and "harmful views" are? Therein, for me, lies the conundrum.

If only IIIIIII could decide what was harmful--hahahaha.

Seriously, I would love to get my hands on your book. Have you read Diablo Cody's memoir: Candy Girl?

Utah Savage said...

After I finished writing the memoir, I started writing political pieces. I have a friend in Portland who has just retired from teaching Philosophy at Portland State. He and I have known each other since I was twelve. It was his encouragement that got me to finish the book. It was excruciatingly difficult writing. Since I have always been a reader of great fiction, I wanted my book to be good enough for me to read. Tall order. It took twenty years and is waiting for a final edit. Maybe it needs an editor who doesn't know the writer. Want a difficult, non-paying job?

It's interesting to me that I can knock off a five hundred page essay on any political issue, but anything about me, my real life, is agony to write no matter how compelled I am to write it.

I do have a couple of short stories I could send you. How about an email address? Something not quite so public.

Utah Savage said...

Make that 500 words not 500 pages. I tend to post comments without going back to read and spell-check them. Sloppy! Have you read Naomi Wolfe's book The Beauty Myth? She's also written something recently about pornography. I think porn is bad for everybody, men, women, children--everybody. Not so much from a moralistic point of view, but because it makes the real, honest, tender sex with a real, not so plastically perfect woman kind of a let down down for a guy whose used to watching living barbie dolls do things not too many "real" women want to do.

Your thoughts?

K McKiernan said...

Yes. Email me. I wanted to have a new acct with my new married name, and I have one, but I never check it. So, feel free to send anything you want to

I would love to read whatever you have to send. I am sure J would, too, if you do not mind.

What you said about porn. I totally agree. It changes people in profound ways that they do not even grasp because it just becomes part of their identity. Sadly, with the internet and pop-up advertisements, it is commonplace now. And that "common" feel is why sometimes I start to think, "what's the big deal. Can't ever stop it now... just deal with it. Enjoy it like everyone else seems to." But then I get hit again and again with... how on EARTH did we get here? How have we allowed this to be done to ourselves/each other.

I think it changes all of us... in what we are, what we do, how we see ourselves and others and even, how we love. Its so very sad, really. Glad we are not as far apart on this as we are on Hillary!

Email me,