Monday, March 31, 2008

Marty Doesn't Live Here Anymore...He Moved to MySpace

So...this just in: Martin Scorsese, greatest of all living filmmakers, now has a MySpace page.

It could be construed as an old guy jumping the shark...or as shameless self-promotion for the Rolling Stones doc, Shine a Light. But in actuality, the site is great. Very straightforward, but elegant and interesting. Marty's personality is all over the place....from the videos to his bio information. As always, the man comes across as thoughtful, inquisitive, thoroughly philisophical, and passionate beyond all comprehension about the art of film and filmmaking.

Scorsese is one to mold, adapt, grow, and expand as time progresses. You see it plain as day in his films...and here is a real life example.

K and I have a MySpace page...with nothing on it. Opened an account one lazy day and then never did anything about it. Plus, I have always sort-of been sour on sites like MySpace.
But for the mere chance to add myself as Martin Scorsese's friend on MySpace...we may just have to start uploading information.

Because at least for now, it will be as close as I come to shaking hands with my greatest inspiration.


Utah Savage said...

Wonderful piece, J. I have a young friend who drops by every day for a visit. She has a my space page. Sometimes she checks it, tinkers a little. That's as close as I've come to a my space page. Glad to here Mary's up to date. So sweet to hear your comment about it. And you never know, you just might write a script Marty wants to buy. Get busy.

Utah Savage said...

Sorry I left the t out of Marty, kind of changes the whole thing

Utah Savage said...

Well my young MySpace friend came by and we looked up Marty's site. It made me want to join MySpace. I assumed it was for twenty or thirtysomethings. Marty gives me hope. Maybe I'm not dead yet.

DivaJood said...

I think this is absolutely brilliant. Love it. I will have to go visit Marty.

I was an extra in Color of Money - it was like going to a master class on film.

J McKiernan said...

WOW. I want to meet you. Just because you were in the presence of Marty. He is my god.

The MySpace page is actually really well put of the best I've seen. He is taking it seriously, as he does everything.

As I think I alluded to in the post, my ultimate goal is to be a filmmaker, and Scorsese is the primary reason why. He speaks to me in a way no other filmmaker does. And I wish I could pick his brain, even for 3 minutes.

Amazed that you were in extra in "The Color of Money." I actually think it is sort of underrated as a film. People think of it as a lesser Scorsese work, but I think it holds up.

How did you end up being an extra? Did you meet The Man?