Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I know Lost. Lost is a friend of mine. Sweet husband, Lost is no Cloverfield.

It was a cute quip, J. But the reason why you can make little funnies about Lost being like Cloverfield is because you have never given Lost the time of day. You have your hate on for JJ Abrahms, and you have let it color you downright wrong. But enough about Lost, let's get down to Cloverfield.

Let me pare it down. Let me just state it as simply as I can. If you are bored and want a little fun... a little popcorn fun in the dead of winter, than Cloverfield is just fine and dandy. Is it an amazing film? No. Is it full of the best acting talent in cinema today? No. But will you be mad you spent 90 min in the theater? Nope.

The premise is engaging enough and I have to give it points for striving to do something new, something fresh even if it seemed to piggyback a bit off of Blair Witch. Still, when all is said and done, it was fine, not the stink bomb my snobby-at-times- hub would have you believe.

If you can buy or rent Alias or Lost, go for those Abrahm Gems first, but if not, and you want to be entertained, go see Cloverfield (or just wait a few weeks--it'll be out on video).

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