Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Look, Spiderwick Chronicles is not the best children's film ever... not by a long shot. And since no adult I know would go see such a film without children, I think we need to keep it real here. This movie is for kids; therefore, we need to adjust our critic's edge.  Kids will enjoy this film. There is nothing really objectionable here and in this day and age, that is a feature not to be discounted.

Parents with small children should be forewarned about the subject matter of divorce and the daddy-as-bad-guy toward the end, but other than that, its a film you can relax and let wash over your family for its 80 or so minutes. And unlike with other kid flicks, I did not purposely snuggle into my seat to fall fast asleep (Cars anyone).

Kids will get their parents' money's worth!

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Utah Savage said...

K, nice new picture. Glad to hear your voice in there still commenting, and most provocatively about the politics of the day. Go go girl!

And have you noticed that I am picking on the republicans just a bit more? Trying to heed advise I not add fuel to the fire that seems about to reduce the democratic party to ashes.