Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Off to San Francisco...

...for this year's Pop Culture Association conference. We will be presenting a paper titled:

Heroes, not Heroines: Women Kicking Ass in Contemporary American Cinema.

Look for the essay on this site sometime next week (that's right--no sneak peeks).

Will most likely not be able to blog while we are away...but will return with a full report.

Much love to all. And until we return...talk amongst yourselves....


Utah Savage said...

We will miss your impassioned comments while you are away. Especially Vigilante. Watch out J, I think he has the hots for K. Easy. It's her mind he has grown fond of.

You know, while you're away the Obamiacs are going to trash your girl.

Did you see or read his speech today? Or, due to the time difference, his speech yesterday? It was brilliant! Out of the park.

Have fun out there. It's one of my favorite American cities.

K McKiernan said...


Tried to leave you an email before I left. Yahoo is acting up. Take care and I will write when we get back.


Utah Savage said...

Well...... You are back, where is the post on the paper? Get cracking you guys. Just because you have school, jobs, kids, doesn't mean you get a pass.